ReArch Company was selected to provide pre-construction and construction services to the Town of Waterbury for the renovations and expansion of the new Waterbury Municipal Complex. The selection was based on ReArch Company’s relevant historic preservation and construction management experience, experienced team, and overall competitiveness.  The new municipal office will include newly configured office space, an expanded library and meeting area, and newly created display space for the Waterbury Historical Society. The Town has engaged Vermont Integrated Architecture to provide design services for the project and has established a voter-approved total project budget of $4.98MM.

The existing library is located in the ‘Janes House’, donated to the community in 1915 by Dr. Henry Janes, a prominent doctor on the Civil War battlefields. The building has local and statewide historical significance and has been evaluated by a historic preservation consultant. The Municipal Complex design will remove the later western portion of the building, renovate the remaining portions of the building, and add compatible additions, creating new spaces for the Municipal Offices and Historical Society. The Library program is developed in a new two-story mass to the west of the Janes House, with a single-story lobby and meeting room connecting the Janes House and Library volumes.

Site development for the project includes re-working the existing drives and parking, adding new drives and parking west of the new library portion of the building, and associated utility, stormwater drainage and treatment, and landscaping. Although the project site extends west of the proposed parking, it is a narrow site, so construction access and staging will need to be carefully planned. The library program will vacate the Janes House and site for the duration of the project.

The Town has a commitment to make this building complex as energy efficient and sustainable as it can possibly be within the approved budget. While the Town is not pursuing LEED certification for the project, it still is pushing to exceed building energy performance required by code. The design team has budgeted for and is considering envelope and systems upgrades (improvements above code requirements) that are significant.

ReArch Company’s pre-construction phase responsibilities include reviewing the design development documents and providing written comments and observations regarding coordination, omissions and constructability, and making recommendations as to material selections and project sequencing. ReArch is also providing ongoing constructability reviews, scheduling, planning and logistics, a design development estimate, a 50% construction documents estimate to set the GMP, and the management of sub-trade bidding and award.

ReArch Company’s construction phase responsibilities include all construction management activities as described by the standard AIA Construction Management contract documents, with the addition of Davis Bacon payroll compliance and reporting as well as ongoing job costing feedback to support stakeholder decision making.

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